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Christ the King News

Minister Schedules

Minister Schedules for July, August and September are now available [...]

Rummage Sale

We are collecting items for this year's Rummage Sale that [...]

Water Flowers

Mary White is scheduled to water the church flowers June 17 [...]

Holy Trinity News

Saint Patrick News

Water Flowers

If anyone would like to volunteer to help water flowers, [...]

Mass Intentions

We need mass intentions for July and August. Please give your [...]

Tri-Parish News

Annual Mission Appeal: June 29 & 30

This year as  a part of mission support, our diocese has given an opportunity to the Little Flower Congregation to make a mission appeal at our parishes. Rev. Fr. Jojan Joseph of Little Flower Order, who is working in our diocese as the Administrator of Immaculate Conception Parish in Fairmont, will celebrate holy Mass and speak at all the Masses on June 29 & 30 on behalf of the mission work of the religious order. The second collection at Mass is your opportunity to support Samaritan Home, Kerala, India, which is a care home for the dying destitute. In Samaritan Home, people who are abandoned because of various reasons, such as poverty and sickness, are welcomed. They are well cared for in this home with food, clothes, accommodations and medicines. Please be generous. Thank you all in advance and may God bless you.

Fr. Jojan Joseph

Message from Deacon Dennis

I received permission from Archbishop Lori to continue performing my liturgical service in the tri-parish. In a most gracious letter, Archbishop Lori granted every favor I requested, and graciously thanked me for years of service to the diocese. However, he did request that I converse with the rector of the co-cathedral about possible serving there for special occasions and when travel to the tri-parish is not safe or practical. This means you are stuck with me until travel is not safe or practical, unless the next bishop changes that.

Deacon Dennis

2019 Catholic Sharing Appeal Update

As of June 13, 2019, Christ the King has raised $2,580, which is 41% of our
parish goal of $6,370. Holy Trinity has raised $7,851, which is 98% of
our parish goal of $8,010. St. Patrick has raised $3,800, which is 106% our our parish goal of $3,600. If you haven’t had the opportunity to date yet, please remember that 100% of all donations above 50% of our parish goals will come back to the parish!

Thank you for your past generosity in support of the annual appeal and our
parishes and for what we can accomplish this year. To save postage, you may drop your CSA envelope in the collection basket, and we will forward it to the Diocese. Make your check payable to the Catholic Sharing Appeal.

Mass Intention

If you would like to request a Mass Intention, you can fill out a Mass Intention envelope at the church or you can create an envelope with the following information: who the Mass Intention is for and whether the person is living or deceased, the date you are requesting, your name and a telephone number where you can be reached during the day, and the amount you are offering. You may drop your Mass Intention envelope in the collection basket or sent it to the office. If the date you request is unavailable, your intention will be scheduled for the next open date available unless you request otherwise.

In accordance with the guidelines from the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. Mass stipends are deposited in a separate checking account. If you are writing a check, please make it payable to your respective church. The current suggested level of giving is $20 for a weekend Mass or $10 for a daily Mass. Any offering, however, is most welcome, and if you do not have funds to offer, you are encouraged to still request your Mass Intention.

Prayer List for the Sick & Homebound

As you know, we keep a list on the church bulletin of people who are sick and homebound. Please remember these people in your prayers and let us know if you have a special prayer request. Also, please let us know when we need to remove someone from the list.

Calendar of Events

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